How to enter

The C&IT Awards are open to agencies, corporate in-house teams, associations,  venues and suppliers.

Your entry must take the form of a 1,500 word written submission plus a 300 word executive summary. 

The Executive Summary should NOT be part of your main submission document. There will be a section within the entry system to input your executive summary. Please note that if your entry is short-listed your executive summary will appear on this website when we announce the shortlist and final results.

Your main written entry must be supplied as PDF. It is strongly advised that you do not exceed the 1,500 word limit. For each 100 words over the limit five marks will be deducted by the judges. Please note your word count at the bottom of the document. Please feel free to use imagery, graphics and charts (if relevant) in your submission (text within any reference imagery will not be counted against your overall word count).

In addition to your written submission you have the option of providing any relevant support material. This can include images, reference material, testimonials and links to video content. Please note there is a total 50mb upload limit for each entry (including your main submission). The entry system will not allow you to exceed this limit.

There is no set rule for required entry content as the nature of each entry can be quite unique, especially given the diversity of our categories. That being said, provision of the following examples (where relevant) would enable the judges to reach a fair evaluation of your submission: 

  • What was the brief / goal?
  • What objectives were set? 
  • Was research important in setting objectives? 
  • What was the solution put forward? Was marketing an important aspect? 
  • What creative approach was adopted? 
  • How was it put into effect? 
  • Where there any challenges / obstacles? 
  • How were the challenges / obstacles overcome?
  • Can you provide the names of your supplier companies? 
  • How was the project evaluated? 
  • What results were achieved, both in quantitative and qualitative terms? 

Please note the above list is not fully comprehensive but provides examples of what you should be thinking about when writing your submission. Make sure the judges have all relevant information and keep your copy clear and succinct.

Think about the category you are entering and build your entry around it.

After you have uploaded your submission, you may then upload supporting images and reference material to support your project. Images must be supplied as JPEGs and should be no larger than A5 at 300dpi. Should your entry be shortlisted the images you provide will be used to illustrate your entry during the AV presentation at the Awards night and possibly in the Awards supplement.

If you have video footage or a multiple image slideshow you would like to include as part of your submission then please host the movie or slideshow on a web page and include a link with your written submission. Please make clear any special instructions that will help the judges access internet sites you may have provided. 

Support material can also be sent in the post to: 

Shane Atkinson,
C&IT Awards, 
Bridge House,  
69 London Road, 
Twickenham, TW1 3SP

  1. Select the categories you wish to enter. 
  2. Write the submission ensuring you respond to any category specific criteria.
  3. Write your 300 word executive summary.
  4. Compile any relevant supporting material for your entry.
  5. Upload your written submission and supporting material (via this website).
  6. Ensure that your entry (and supporting documents) does not exceed 5mb otherwise you will not be able to upload it successfully.
  7. Submit and pay for your entry.



Entries will be accepted until midnight Wednesday 28 June 2017*.

*Please note that entries received after midnight on 28th June will incur a late entry fee.


All projects entered for the C&IT Awards must have taken place between June 2016 - June 2017.


  • First entry: £200 + VAT
  • All subsequent entries: £120 + VAT
Until 28 June 2017

  • First entry: £180 + VAT
  • All subsequent entries: £120 + VAT
Until 28 June 2017

Late entry fee: Entries received after the 28th June 2017 to midnight 6th July, will be subject to an additional £85+ VAT on top of the entry fee.

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