Best Brand Amplification

Best Brand Amplification : 2Heads Global Design
Gamescom 2019 : Airbus

2Heads’ challenge was to take non-gaming client Airbus to the world’s largest gaming event, and showcase the brand to bright young visitors as the employer of
choice for IT and digital roles. Committed to inclusivity, the organisation wanted to promote career opportunities to all genders and ethnicities.  2Heads had to create a comprehensive story around Airbus’s presence in a way that was not seen as overly corporate by a savvy audience. 

Modern, unintimidating, industrial architecture created a look and feel which was raw, but inviting. Visitors were invited to battle Airbus-sponsored all-female gaming team ‘Out of the Blue’, while a memorable and exciting show cemented Airbus’ reputation. There was a live robotics programming experiences and coding competitions, a non-stop livestream event on Twitch which attracted 2,640 visitors, and interested visitors were encouraged to explore Airbus’s engineering through the HoloLens Demo. 2Heads created the #LEVELUP campaign to support the event through social media and branding.

The event was an unqualified success. The Airbus environment attracted more than 36,000 visitors over the four-day event with 3,000 direct interactions in the gaming or tech demos. During the event, the campaign saw 11,300 social media interactions, with over 1.6 million online impressions. The tournament was fully booked despite a 250 percent increase in slots. The campaign was successfully repeated at Madrid Gaming week in November 2019 and is also planned to be used at Gamescom 2021. Airbus benefited from a substantial increase in job applications and sign ups to Airbus Careers.

Judges’ comments:
“This was a great entry with very creative concepts, strong ideas, and story development which really brought the event together. It really was a clear winner in
this category.”
“An excellent return on objectives, with the social media statistics and the engagement. The fact that it has already been repeated and is scheduled to be
reused again next year is a sure sign of a great project.”
“The use of interactive technology throughout the activation stood out. A really clever brand amplification that produced excellent results for the client.”

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