Best Sustainable Initiative

Best Sustainable Initiative : egi:live communication
Changing the World : easyJet

On 19 November 2019 easyJet announced that it would offset carbon emissions from the fuel used for every flight across its network as part of an ongoing commitment to reduce carbon emissions. egi live communications was asked to design and build an impactful space at the 2020 Business Travel Show that supported this ongoing commitment. 

Historically most of the standard materials - man-made synthetic carpets, vinyl wraps, petrol-based ink and adhesives - used by the exhibition industry end up in landfill. Give-aways, single use catering and printed materials also significantly add to the waste generated. On receiving the brief, egi:live communication undertook to design and build a stand which was 100 per cent sustainable, involving every element of the process from brief to design, and from build to delivery, recycling and storage.

This was the first time that the overall stand’s carbon footprint was brought to the forefront of the process. While maintaining a reputation for eye-catching and engaging exhibition stands, 100 per cent of the core elements were reused or recycled.

Judges’ comments:
“Clearly nothing has been missed and everything is of the highest quality and finish, and yet still 100 per cent sustainable - an amazing feat.”
“A great talking point for easyJet so soon after its announcement of its goals.”
“Creative and innovative, this entry definitely went above and beyond the norm to create a visual but completely sustainable stand.”

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