Best Use of Small Budget

Best Use of Small Budget : Brands at Work
Culture Rave : Playtech

With 6,000 staff in 23 global markets, Playtech provides cutting-edge technology to the online gaming industry, and has enjoyed rapid acquisition-led growth in recent years. 

During 2019, Playtech consolidated three of the companies it had acquired into one office. This mix of cultures led to an increase in siloed working and a low awareness of the company’s four cultural values amongst ‘Playees’ (Playtech employees). 

In December 2019, Brands at Work was brought in to produce an employee engagement event on a budget of just £50,000. The objective was to immerse more
than 300 Playees in a ‘one company culture’ that imaginatively summed up Playtech’s four cultural values of Integrity, Innovation, Excellence and Performance.

Brands at Work cost-effectively reskinned Playtech’s London offices to create a ‘culture rave’ of curious, creative, and playful values activations. Rooms were themed using budget-conscious props and materials, with content curated to appeal to a mostly millennial audience.

Rather than spending on external speakers, the event used a small group of business leaders as ‘values ambassadors’. They encouraged a mindset shift from ‘me’ to ‘we’ by communicating that Playees’ individual actions and behaviours could positively affect the culture of the company.

Judges’ comments:
“Brands at Work really focused on spending their budget on employee engagement by using creative event activities. They were driven by objectives to be smart with a limited budget.”
“Great on all fronts. I really liked the strong focus on investing the budget in the employee experience.”
“The client’s brief to ensure a fun and engaging event despite budget limitations was met.”

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