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Best Use of Technology : Smyle
Samsung EU Forum : Samsung

Smyle aimed to bring Samsung’s pioneering portfolio to life for an audience of staff and retail partners from multiple global locations, through a myriad of techniques and ideas. Every part of the journey was enhanced using intuitive technology. 

Samsung staff and retail partners from Europe, Russia, the Middle East and America attended events at Malta’s Mediterranean Conference Centre. Their journey began with a bespoke registration site and animated GIF invites, while live event QR registration scanning on Samsung Galaxy S10 devices did away with queues and old-fashioned registration desks. Guests could check in digitally in 15 seconds simply by wafting their phone across a Samsung Galaxy S10 held by the brand ambassador.

Smyle worked closely with Samsung to create an event with far more product integration than ever before. Guests could get their coats cleaned at interactive
cloakrooms using Samsung technology, with all coats bathed in a digital light wash of animated bubbles. An interactive digital signage solution dovetailed with vinyl floor graphics, while a Samsung app enabled experiences such as ordering drinks and bringing art work to life. Guests were given devices and headphones allowing them to access groups and information in their own language, while an immersive lounge, a live kitchen, an experience zone and other spaces gave attendees the chance to experience a wide range of products.

Judges’ comments:
“It very clearly delivered its objectives and ROI for the client with amazing use of technology.”
“A great example of not only utilising your own products for demo purposes but truly thinking about the delegate experience the whole way through and how tech can enhance it.”
“The event experience heightens the products with the use of technology in clever ways, making it all more immersive and intentional. This all results in excellent digital amplification and sentiment.”

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