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Conference of the Year : Gramafilm
Playtime 2019 : Google Play

Playtime is a vital annual gathering for top EMEA app and games developers to build community, exchange ideas and feel supported by Google. Playtime 2019 was Gramafilm’s fourth year producing the conference, which invites developers to learn about Google innovations, and how Google Play can help grow their businesses.

Neon and nature were used as core creative devices to reflect the conference’s ideas of boldness and growth, while the theme of “multiplicity” was brought to life using patterns, refractions, layers and mirrors. Google’s devices, apps and software were up front and centre at every opportunity. 

The event took place in the industrial space of Amsterdam’s SugarCity in Amsterdam, and creative energy, technology and eco-friendly materials infused every detail. After receiving a badge made from seed paper, which they could plant after the conference, participants entered a dramatic, laser-lit corridor filled with smoke and mirrors. At the Playground they could socialise, eat, play games to win Google products and interact with bespoke installations designed to encourage interaction and networking.

Trees, hanging plants and gardens placed throughout the space were rented locally to avoid waste and wood used for building the stands, stage and demonstration areas was later repurposed. Where possible, materials had been upcycled.

More than 650 people from 379 companies in 39 countries joined Playtime 2019, giving an average rating of 4.6 out of 5. The event received 5 million impressions on social media. Ninety per cent of participants agreed that Google Play is invested in helping grow their businesses, and 81 per cent that innovations driven by Google Play will contribute to future business success.

Judges’ comments:
“Creative ideas for bringing products to life and thought provoking sustainability concepts.”
“The innovation on show here in the event delivery and production is exceptional.”
“The use of greenery to add life to the space is clever and adds a feeling of sustainable delivery to the event.”

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