Cisco Live EMEA 2019

George P. Johnson / Cisco


Cisco Live is an education, advocacy and sales event targeting network engineers, IT Managers, CIO’s, customers, prospects and industry influencers. They are a complex audience. Intelligent, discerning and distrustful of marketing. They actively say so in research.

To influence them we had to present brand and product stories in a way that they found involving and challenging.

We created The Playground at Cisco Live. A space that for a moment took them away from the intense environment of seminars, breakouts and certification testing. The Playground was a series of visual experiences and interactions, like Game of Drones, that challenged them to apply their technical skills and knowledge – with each one having a Cisco product story weaved into the experience

Reinforcing their position as the leading IT Networking business in the world and specifically, the EMEAR region

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