CPF Together / CP Foods


One of the world’s largest food producers, CP Foods, required an annual conference for all teams across the globe. Being only the second year they’d ran an event on this scale, costs were limited but the event still needed to effectively communicate the future direction of the business and galvanise team members.

With the challenge to involve, not just the UK teams, but global teams, and with a budget of only £25K, we utilised video technologies to ensure interaction between all locations.

Taking a spin on a handful of popular TV gameshows, key strategic messaging was communicated in an engaging and fun format for all delegates. Cost-effective challenges were setup to get the teams working together and improve internal communications.

A secondary theme of the event was health and well-being. Mixed in throughout the day, local suppliers were on hand to provide interactive sessions and guidance for a healthier lifestyle.

The event proved to be extremely successful in delivering against the objectives. One CP Foods team member quoted “It (the event) gives everybody insight into what the company is planning and hopefully where it’s going to go in the future.”

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