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Nelsons, the UK’s largest manufacturer of natural healthcare, with seven brands under their umbrella, required an event that brought together all employees across the globe, with the goal of communicating the future strategy of the business.

Consistent with their brand, the theme of the event was ‘green’ and ‘natural’. These had to be incorporated within all elements of the event; pre, during and post.

The biggest challenge faced was the potential language barrier with delegates attending from various locations across the globe. Therefore, all communications had to be translated and ‘live’ translators were on-site to support the live communications.

Spanning three days, the event itself consisted of educational elements, interactivity, team-building, awards and recognition, and social activities that, again, aligned with the theme of the event.

The event proved extremely successful, ensuring all team members understood and were on-board with the future direction of Nelsons.

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