Redken Symposium Las vegas 2019

Wolf and White / Redken


This entry tells the story of how a live brand engagement agency in Derby won the hearts of the events team at the world’s largest salon hair care brand.

After winning a competitive pitch in New York, Wolf & White achieved or exceeded all the client’s RFP objectives for an event with over 10,000 attendees.

Our winning approach had three elements.

The first is our instinct to nurture a client brand as if it were our own. By taking over planning responsibility we cut the Redken team’s day-to-day involvement by around 80 percent.

Second is our ability to look at past events data in forensic detail, identifying savings previously invisible to the client.

Thirdly there’s the way our distinctive creative work is produced entirely in-house, from design to video and original music.

We’ll also show how we overcame challenges beyond the norm.

For example, prior to our appointment Redken ran this iconic event internally for 32 years. We were their first agency and their total trust in us weighed heavily.

Another challenge was the way Redken’s parent L’Oréal in Paris was closely monitoring the event, expecting more for a lot less budget.

Then there was the impact of a terrible tragedy that placed the choice of venue in jeopardy after months of planning and a legally binding contract.

In the end the results were exceptional, prompting the overall client comment: ‘Under budget & Best Ever in 32 years!’

Everyone at Wolf & White is proud of the event outcome and of the client relationship that continues today. But why should it win your Consumer & Media Event of the Year?

As you’ll see it looked fabulous. The client loved it. And most importantly the robust ROI data validated by L’Oréal HQ proves that our attendees adored the brand experience too.

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