The ICC Birmingham

We host around 400 events a year, welcoming over 350,000 visitors from across the globe. And whilst we focus intently on future-proofing our venue and listening to client feedback, we know that at the heart of a successful event is a collaborative and rewarding partnership between a venue and an organiser. This approach is something we implement whether an event has 8 delegates or 8,000 delegates. As a venue, we are here to inspire connections through exceptional events.

Having been a key UK venue since opening 1991, we know the industry and events inside and out. We have seen trends come and go, events develop and clients flourish while meeting their objectives through live events. And this has given us our drive to ensure that the ICC consistently meets and exceeds the needs and demands on the industry regardless of what year it is. Yet a vital way that we’ve been able to remain at the top of the industry is through doing the exact opposite, by changing. Our passion for events means we never rest on our laurels, always ensuring that our venue is fit for purpose, and ready to provide the outstanding service and event delivery that our clients expect now and in the future.

We believe that great events have the power to change, to inspire and to connect people and that it’s better to innovate than imitate. All of this feeds into our daily passion for delivering exceptional events for our clients and their delegates. Through a robust customer feedback programme that is used to monitor standards and drive continual improvement, we have absolute conviction that we are at the top of our game, and our key success metrics of customer satisfaction and business growth prove that this is indeed the case.

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