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Merck Elite Excellence Awards 2018 / Merck


Four years ago, Touch began a journey with Merck and the Elite Excellence Awards to recognise outstanding performance from individuals around the globe within both the Merck Sales and Medical teams and drive global engagement and motivation.

Due to the significance of 2018 for Merck (the 350th anniversary of the founding of the company in Darmstadt), our 2017 Elite Excellence Award winners were taken back to where it all started: Germany. An exceptional five-night programme was hosted from the 18th to the 23rd of April 2018
with 182 attendees in total.

The winners, and their guests, set off to the far south of Germany to experience the very heartland of the country where the company originated. There was only one destination that could truly make this happen. The Touch team worked hard to create a programme that delivered ‘Elite’ experiences while bringing to life the German culture.

Excitement was built throughout a year-long communications campaign and a fabulous onsite programme. A legacy endures with the relationships formed and the post-event engagement. This has all contributed to a successful incentives programme with extremely positive feedback.

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