Absolut Trash at London Fashion Week

Marble LDN / John Doe Communications / Absolut


The fashion industry is frequently subjected to intense scrutiny and criticism for its high carbon emissions and lack of commitment to sustainability. In response to this, Absolut wanted to host a London Fashion Week event that was the pioneer of real change, hoping to inspire future designers and prove that sustainability is accessible to all.

We were briefed with creating a platform for sustainable fashion in collaboration with one of our favourite returning clients: John Doe Communications. The Absolut Trash campaign was created in order to drive awareness of Absolut’s sustainability commitments and the new limited edition bottle, Absolut Recycled, which is made of more than 41% recycled glass.

In order to commit to Absolut’s sustainability terms we had to avoid all single use plastic at the show, we instead used rubbish from LFW parties and backstage offcuts, recycled materials from local bars, and ocean plastic to create the Absolut runway.

The result was the creation of London Fashion Week's most sustainable fashion show, which showcased sustainable designs from up-and-coming designers such as 10T. James Marshall, founder, collects abandoned festival tents and recycles them into beautiful garments, demonstrating how easy it is to recycle products into innovative and creative new designs.

Four attendees were picked from the audience to model the sustainable collections on the runway, showing how both designers and buyers can play a role in pioneering sustainability.

The event featured on ITV news, Time Out and even a Japanese fashion website. It was a LFW first and was 100% plastic free, plus 1/4 tonne of recycled waste and 240kg of ocean plastic waste were recycled into the event production.

We wanted the event production to inspire other designers and producers to think about the materials they use at LFW in the future.

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