Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC)



ADNEC’s strengths come from championing and implementing its objectives across the whole company. Our mission is to become the leading events destination for international exhibitions and conferences in the MENA region. To directly increase economic impact to Abu Dhabi by creating a platform that enables organisers to realise their goals of connecting people via events and venues and constantly delivering world class service that continues to exceed our partners’ expectations.
ADNEC is committed to being more than a venue for our clients. Our priority is to support organisers in achieving their objective and firmly believe that a client’s success is a success not only for our venue but also for Abu Dhabi.
With this in mind ADNEC works as a one-stop-shop to make it easy for organisers, not just with our in-house production and catering companies but also with regards to our government and protocol team who can provide guidance and facilitation of patronage with the relevant government departments and as well as our in-house marketing and PR team who work with organisers to maximise exposure for their event free of charge.
ADNEC had a record breaking year clearly demonstrated both in numbers but just as significantly through the range of companies that have come to Abu Dhabi for their first time. Our investment in high end facilities and cutting edge technical services has allowed us to not only to advance our business offering but also to support those of our partner organisers, exhibitors and visitors for now and the future.

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