AlixPartners 2019 Global Team Meeting

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AlixPartners 2019 Global Team Meeting
(Internal global meeting of ~2,000 global employees)

AlixPartners is a global consulting firm with over 2,000 employees in more than 20 cities around the world. Large groups of employees traveled most of the time, so there was little opportunity for them to do internal networking. The company had recently undergone a rapid growth spurt and many employees were new hires. It was more important than ever to bring everyone together and immerse them in an inspirational and educational experience that embodied the AlixPartners brand and core values.

For the 2019 meeting, we embraced a highly interactive meeting format. We got rid of the traditional long presentations and replaced them with shorter talks, concurrent sessions, movement between sessions, small group discussions, live polling via a mobile app, an “expo” that showcased the firm’s services and solutions globally, a CSR event that involved the local community, and an energetic employee-led Battle of the Bands performance. In summary: lots of movement, lots of audience interaction, no time for boredom.
In our post-event survey, we got very high marks for the high-energy format, the fresh and informative content, and the numerous opportunities for networking. Due to the broad content and numerous sessions, hundreds of employees from different businesses and geographies were involved in creating and delivering the content. The 2019 Global Team Meeting was a memorable and highly motivating global collaboration.

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