AlixPartners Battle of the Bands



What happens when you ask 2,000 corporate employees if they have musical talent? We found out. At AlixPartners, one of our IT Service Desk Specialists is an insanely talented keyboard player. One of our receptionists sang professionally on cruise lines before joining our ranks (and has an affinity for sequins!). A consultant from London plays the electric bagpipes. An Office Manager from Detroit can give Lady Gaga a run for her money. And some of our Managing Directors not only lead teams helping clients address critical, complex challenges: they also rock-out on the bass and kill it on the drums. And our colleague from legal who specializes in Engagement Conflicts? He shreds on the electric guitar. How do we know this? In June of 2019, as part of our Global Team Meeting, AlixPartners hosted an employee-only Battle of Bands at a major nightclub!

AlixPartners is a global consulting firm with the majority of our employees on-site with their clients the better part of each week. Still, one of the core elements of our firm, from its founding nearly 40 years ago, was the idea that we are a one-firm firm. To that end, every year we bring everyone in the firm together for several days, to meet, celebrate, and learn from each other. The entire meeting is one massive team-building endeavor, but for the 2019 Global Team Meeting we sought to tap into an element of our people that is not usually seen: their musical talent!

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