An Evening of Myths and Magic

English National Opera


English National Opera was founded on the belief that opera should be available to all, something we still believe today.

Our fundraising Gala is the pinnacle of a dynamic events calendar. The funds directly support our learning and participation programme, ENO Baylis. Baylis engages young people and communities with opera and music, positively impacting their lives.

Drawing on themes in our 19/20 season, we planned ‘An Evening of Myths and Magic’. The event was immersive and interactive, taking guests on a whimsical and magical journey - more than just a concert and dinner.

We had a budget of £70,000 and high income goals of £150,000. With such tight constraints, we found creative solutions to remain economical, keeping within budget while delivering a spectacular and engaging evening.
We succeeded by prioritising costs, using partnerships and our own resources.

We focused our expenditure on creating the “wow” factor, balanced by being economical elsewhere. We hosted the event at Guildhall London and contracted Bubble Food, allowing us to be inventive and creatively daring. Costs were balanced with in-house printing and digital alternatives, and using our own set pieces to enhance the evening’s narrative.

We worked with existing partnerships to negotiate reduced rates or in-kind support to enrich our guests’ experience. A highlight was our auctioneer, who kindly donated his time. This generosity saw a significant ROI - for every pound we spent, we made nearly £70.

Lastly, we were able to draw on in-house world-class artists to create magical entertainment, at the fraction of the commercial cost.

We surpassed our fundraising goal and generated an impressive ROI. Our guests enjoyed a dazzling evening, raised awareness of ENO Baylis and had no inclination of just how cost-effective the execution was.

“A brilliant evening and made me very proud to be part of the ENO family!”

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