An innovative, sustainable event that demonstrates a direct positive impact on people’s lives

Ashfield Meetings & Events / AstraZeneca - collaboration between AZ, Ashfield Meetings & Events and the SEC Glasgow


Each year, global biopharmaceutical business, AstraZeneca (AZ) holds a UK Marketing Company Annual Fast Start Conference for its staff – an event that aims to highlight how positively AZ impacts the lives of patients. AstraZeneca’s values are to follow the science, put patients first, play to win, do the right thing and be entrepreneurial, and this event in 2019 was delivered with these values in mind.
This year, AZ collaborated closely with Ashfield Meetings & Events and the SEC Glasgow in order to ensure this fully sustainable gathering of over 600 team members would leave a long-lasting, heart-warming imprint on attendees’ memories.
An essential element of this was a unique and creative team-building activity designed by Ashfield Meetings & Events that would not only unite and inspire those taking part, but would also result in tangible, much-needed benefits to local good causes.

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