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In 2019, Google invited us to create two films about the Android Developer Challenge (ADC), a competition for app developers making helpful innovations. Winning submissions would receive product support and have their stories showcased at the 2020 Google I/O conference in Mountain View, California. But halfway through the project, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the conference was cancelled.

Overnight, we pivoted to create physical and digital content that captured the ADC spirit. We brought together leading illustrators, journalists and designers – working remotely in 5 different time zones – to produce an eye-catching zine about the winning apps and the ADC program, as well as Android’s machine learning tools and technology. For the winners and select influencers, we recreated the live showcase with branded boxes, featuring the zine along with bespoke, collectable items to enhance each story.

In addition to producing a launch film, we created two showcase films by sending recording equipment to developers in the Democratic Repulic of the Congo and Germany, capturing their interviews via Google Hangouts. We combined this material with earlier footage and filled the visual gaps with bold animations. ADC winners also received support for their apps on logos, UX/UI and listing design for the Google Play Store.

We then created a microsite for the launch film, animated interviews and a digital version of the zine – reaching a much wider audience. The launch film received 7 million views within 2 weeks and the winning apps were downloaded over 4000 times. More than 500 print copies of the magazine were sent to 52 countries and 85 boxes arrived in 29 countries, inspiring unboxing posts across social media driven by clear hashtags and CTA messaging. The client exclaimed, “Amazing job wrangling everything! I’m so happy with both the content and the design”.

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