Audience Agency Response to Covid-19

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The period of Covid-19 has undoubtedly been a difficult and uncertain time for all involved within the events industry. The Brand Experience team at Audience was faced with postponement/cancellation of all projects in early March, resulting in the need for almost all employees to be placed on furlough.

The team was tasked with the below objectives in order to ensure that our agency stayed ahead of the curve and was able to offer our clients solutions for their marketing needs.

1. Educate and guide clients along the journey through pivoting. Audience has a great deal of experience delivering digital and online projects however was predominantly a bolt-on to our physical events. The challenge was to use our experience to guide clients through a period of uncertainty and to show them how their marketing activities could continue in a different form.
2. Create products and services specifically aimed at answering lock-down needs. Recognising early on that solutions would be needed to capture content in the homes of our speakers, we devised an at-home set of filming kits and remote studio management.
3. Raise awareness of our proposition through a targeted marketing plan. In order to make sure our clients and prospects were aware of our capabilities, we devised a marketing plan to raise awareness.

Fast forward four months to the end of June and the team has successfully delivered a huge amount of virtual events with attendee numbers over 8,000! The team have delivered ‘firsts’ for a number of clients which now act as the benchmark for all digital activity and client feedback has been resoundingly positive. The team also ends H1 on-par with 2019s financial targets with almost all off furlough full-time.

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