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After a hiatus of 8 years, in 2015 DHL brought back a hugely popular internal event called EuroCup. EuroCup is a platform that allows DHL to communicate to thousands of their employees over one weekend. It is a chance for DHL to show their appreciation for their staff and motivate every level of their workforce by communicating key values when the audiences are at their most receptive.

EuroCup is an internal communications event where over 3,200 DHL employees travel from 40 countries to come together in one place. It is held over 4 days and sees employees compete in football and cheerleading tournaments. Each entity/country brings their own teams, coaches, mascots and supporters. 

With football and cheerleading at the core, the rest of the festival is full of internal department touch-points, entertainment and team-building activities. 

As an internal event it was important to put DHL’s people at the centre of everything. It had to feel like their festival. The DJs and musical performers were all finalists in another internal initiative called DHL’s Got Talent. The photographers were DHL staff, and we also had 150 DHL volunteers who helped set-up and run the event. We even found cartoonists to document the event in their own unique style; again these were all employees of DHL.

The pure energy that the people brought to the event had to be witnessed to be believed. The opening ceremony was at eight o’clock in the morning and it saw all 3200 people there! 

From the first whistle to when the last coach left the site, the vibe was electric. For the global CEO of DHL to say that EuroCup was ‘undoubtedly the best event he had ever been to’ is testament to the blood, sweat and cheers that went into the campaign.

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