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EuroCup 2018 / DHL Express


EuroCup – a campaign that allows DHL to motivate thousands of their employees over a unique 3-day event. It’s a chance for the company to celebrate it’s staff and to show their appreciation and motivate every level of their workforce by communicating key values when the employees are at their most receptive.

The initiative aims to put DHL and its employees at the centre, with the entire weekend being ‘By DHL, For DHL’. Utilising the talent available within the organisation to lead the event meant DHL remained at it’s heart throughout and caused the overwhelming feeling to be about the brand and, more importantly it’s staff.

Over 50 Football and Cheerleading teams from 40 countries compete in the three day event, the result of a full year of training by each team! The event provides the final tournament and a chance for teams from all over Europe to come together in one place, meet and compete in a fun and engaging environment, all in the name of DHL and their ‘As One’ philosophy.

The programme aims to increase staff affinity with DHL and their brand values and highlight the talent and staff that work within DHL whilst still being fun, entertaining and enjoyable for all.

The overwhelming success of the programme, shown through positive feedback from all attendees, has led to the roll out of the event in other regions of the world.

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