MWC - The Android Works / Google - Android


Working together with Android to deliver their presence at the 2018 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Brandfuel curated The Android Works. An industrial-esque, laboratory style space with eight unique stands, giving delegates a chance to break away from the frenetic environment of the Congress and experience the latest in Android technology.

Standing out from the crowd The Android Works made delegates feel like they were stepping into an ideas factory, where ambassadors wore boiler-suits and gave away Android-bots in a lab coat, complete with personalised stickers.

Each guest could curate the experience they desired. Whether you chose to relax and recharge your batteries, network or even experience VR, AR, Google Lens and Home demos, there was a space for everyone at The Works. You could even get a free Oreo ice cream and hot chocolate. It was truly a space where Android engineered all the hard work for you.

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