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North West Europe 'Beyond Festival of Partnership' / Deloitte


Deloitte brought together the partners of the North West European firm for the first time since merging a year prior. It was a landmark event in the firm’s history.
The conference had to create a sense of partnership, unifying 2,000 partners from different countries, cultures, all with different expectations. It had to encourage the sharing of ideas and build a vision for the future of the firm. And it had to provide a relaxed but businesslike atmosphere that invited networking between people from different cultures so that true connections were made.

Brands At Work’s big idea was to create their first ever Festival of Partnership – presenting lots of interesting experiences, installations and talks, in a village atmosphere that made delegates open up to meeting new people and considering new ideas. The festival atmosphere was created by delivering content in a range of formats and fashions. Workshops and exhibitions jostled with demonstrations, showcases, pop-ups, street food, entertainment and imaginative performances.

In the 15-month lead up to the event, we handled everything. We researched the venue and location, transforming the empty sheds into imaginative festival grounds. We curated diverse speakers who could talk to the client’s strategic imperatives yet also represent the different countries in the group. We created all content from brief to reality, commissioning music and one-off festival acts, and showcasing performers from amongst Deloitte’s own staff. We handled all logistics, organising the accommodation and travel for over 2000 partners.

In survey results:
91% of all partners rated the event 7, 8, 9 or 10, which is exceptional for a Deloitte partner meeting! Over 60% mentioned the opportunity to network as the best thing about the meeting. Sense of partnership and the incredible atmosphere were consistently mentioned. Many partners said it was the best partner meeting they ever attended!

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