Brands at Work

2020 was always going to be special for us – it’s our 10th birthday!

We were born in a recession, so having resilience and an entrepreneurial ethos have always been part of our DNA. And now, 10 years later, we’ve come through the recent crisis and continued to thrive, thanks to a firm financial base, deep and long-standing client relationships – and most importantly – the passionate commitment and enduring spirit of our team.

We’re a 15-stong partnership supported by our extended freelance family. Our nonhierarchical, collaborative culture is driven – and upheld – by all of us. We all share collective responsibility for developing, supporting and challenging each other, and our clients. At Brands at Work, every idea, view and voice matters.

Having enjoyed our best financial year yet in 2019, 2020 was set to be a record-breaker. But, while COVID-19 wreaked havoc on our industry, thanks to an amazing first quarter and our strong P&L, we’ve been well positioned to weather the storm.

We’re proud that 10 years on, our two founding client relationships not only remain stronger than ever, but we’ve developed both globally, as well as forging new relationships with many more.

This year, we’ve achieved our strategic vision by adding senior talent to our team, retaining 93% of our staff and expanding our USA presence. We’ve designed and delivered some truly excellent work for new and existing clients, working with budgets large and small.

Throughout the pandemic we’ve invested in growing our people’s knowledge and skills, expanding our virtual capability and sharing our thought leadership with the industry, leading to multiple new business wins.

And we’ve got a clear future strategy to build on our success – remaining resilient and agile, continuing to invest in our people and evolving our brand, knowledge and social conscience.

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