Fossil Circus, Fossil UK’s annual conference in 2015, was organised to bring over 140 of the brand’s staff from different departments together. The event was designed to communicate and update Fossil’s team on the business strategy for the year ahead, reward employees for successes and promote the need for teamwork and communication across the organisation.

For 2015, fashion brand Fossil was recognised as one of the Top 100 companies to work for by The Sunday Times, with one of its standout aims being to make sure employees always felt like VIPs. With this in mind, Fossil wanted the conference to focus on giving employees a day of awe and fun.

The circus theme reiterated the need for teamwork, as it takes many people to deliver such a distinctive experience and this was layered throughout the day's content. This theme was at the forefront of every decision made throughout the planning process, from entertainment and decoration to food and presentations, to ensure the theme was brought to life in an authentic and exciting way for attendees.

Wayne Morgan, HR Director, Fossil UK, said: “Whilst Fossil Circus was nearly one year ago, our teams continue to talk about it like it was yesterday. Not just the bright lights and circus acts, but the key strategic messages, which shows the power of the communication in this format. Above all, Fossil Circus engaged the hearts and minds of our teams, providing engagement around our strategy and drove our best employee engagement score to date.

“We had so much fun organising this year’s conference with Chillisauce, and feedback from everyone involved has been really positive. We like to think outside of the box when it comes to our annual conference and ensuring staff are energised and engaged is a key part of the planning process.”

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