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With 6,000 staff in 23 global markets, Playtech provides cutting-edge technology to the online gaming industry, and has enjoyed rapid growth in recent years, through several acquisitions.

During 2019, following a consolidation of three companies that had been acquired over time, Playtech merged three lots of staff, all with very different workplace cultures, into one office. This led to an increase in siloed working across business areas and a low awareness of the four cultural values amongst Playees (Playtech employees).

In December 2019, Brands at Work was engaged by Playtech’s UK leadership team to unite its people in a cultural team-building experience.

The objective was to immerse over 300 Playees in the desired ‘one company culture’, by bringing its four cultural values; Integrity, Innovation, Excellence and Performance, to life, in imaginative ways.

"Brands at Work put this amazing ‘culture rave’ event together with very limited budget, constantly changing requirements, uncertainties and a very tight deadline. They supported us with the highest level of professionalism, creativity and seamless support. The response from our staff was overwhelming – everyone was engaged, enthusiastic and united by our shared vision, ambition and values."
Commercial Director and UK Site Operations, Playtech

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