Darkstar Events UK

On the 17th June, 30 individuals departed London, destination unknown. They soon arrived at Stapleford Aerodrome where a fleet of helicopters was waiting to whisk them away. It wasn’t long before the flight took the passengers away from the sanctity of the mainland and across the Blackwater Estuary to the small, remote Osea island. For the next 48 hours, the group would take part in their very own modern day survival challenge where resources were intentionally scarce. Plan carefully and they would enjoy a comfortable stay but fail to plan and food would run short, water would be scarce and, at its most extreme, an early evacuation from the island would be necessary in order to ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing.

Furthermore, the group would also be split into teams and their skills tested against each other in a series of activities - success at which would see their individual team rewarded at the end of the programme. Tasks ranged from preparing and cooking their own meals, to a series of short mental, cerebral and physical activities all designed to test their skills from communication to creativity and time management. In the evenings the activities continued with a light-hearted spin - under the guidance of skilled professionals, the teams learnt face painting, balloon modelling and pasta making, to name but a few. The final task was to bring the whole group back together as a unified high-performing choir through which they learnt and performed their very own company anthem. Finally, the group boarded a boat for the mainland and with fond memories they drifted away from the island and back to reality.

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