E.ON | Mission Possible | All-hands Meeting

Crystal Interactive / E.ON


We were approached by E.ON’s Digital Communications event team in the early planning stages of their all-hands meeting. The event’s main purpose was to bring together two teams, Digital and Information Technology, for the first time. In the months to come, the two teams will merge into one, to become ‘Digital Technology’.

The event was the first in a series of initiatives to support the team merger, where attendees would meet their counterparts for the first time. The event was designed to give an opportunity for colleagues from the two teams to network, gain a better understanding of each other both personally and professionally, to launch and share a joint strategy and create a catalyst for a fresh, common culture.

479 colleagues attended the event held at Boui Boui Bilk in Düsseldorf, in January 2019. Over 200 colleagues joining via streamed sessions, from 7 different countries. The two-day event featured 30 guest speakers, an address by E.ON’s Chief Executive Officer, breakout sessions and an evening of networking.

E.ON wanted to create an experience that encouraged networking and collaboration, in a more engaging, immersive manner that suited the audience and reflected the technical nature of the event. We proposed something which had never been done before by the client. As the UK’s largest full-service event technology company, we recommended our Smart Wearables and engagement platform, which transformed the meeting at every stage, from the registration process, to easing logistical challenges, encouraging networking and making connections, gamification, team building and content gathering.

The event was an overwhelming success and surpassed E.ON’s expectations. The event ran seamlessly; results gathered from the engagement platform showed 21,479 connections were made at the event. Post event feedback showed attendees came away from the event feeling more confident in the leadership team and connected with one another.

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