Ericsson MWC 2019

Jack Morton Worldwide / Ericsson


Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the world’s largest gathering of ICT professionals, with over 100,000 attendees, and it is the most significant milestone in Ericsson’s annual marketing calendar. These four days in Barcelona give the company an unparalleled opportunity to connect with its existing and prospective customers. In 2019 MWC provided the perfect stage for Ericsson reaffirm their leadership position during a critical time for ICT industry.

As 5G was beginning to move out of R&D labs into our everyday lives, investing in the next-generation of technology represented a business-critical decision that was top of mind for mobile network operators. At the heart of Ericsson is a relentless and restless beat of innovation that has taken them from creating the very first mobile networks to inventing Bluetooth to leading the charge on developing 5G and continuing to push the boundaries of communication time and time again.

As a technology improves and becomes more prevalent, it’s easy to forget who the driving force behind it all was. So, for MWC 2019, we set out to remind this business-critical audience of decision makers who the true leader of 5G is by creating a 6000 m2 immersive brand experience in which customers could see, hear and experience Ericsson’s relentless beat of innovation; a visceral expression of 5G taking shape, with Ericsson as its driving force. ‘The Beat’ informed both the architecture and key elements of experience design; coming to life through cutting-edge technology demonstrations, stimulating business networking environments and an energy that rippled through every aspect of a bold and confident design.

The result was an engaging, effective and enjoyable experience for over 8,500 of Ericsson’s top customers.

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