etc.venues County Hall


etc.venues is a leading provider of non-residential venues, offering fit for purpose, contemporary space with exemplary AV technology and quality catering delivered by on site chefs.

In June 2016 we announced our most ambitious project to date – etc.venues County Hall, incorporating 43,000 sq ft of space and a capacity for up to 900 in one of London’s most iconic buildings next to The London Eye, with breathtaking views over The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. With parts of County Hall having lain dormant since the 1980’s, etc.venues set about creating a space that was visionary and modern yet paid homage to the unique history of the building, integrating a number of design innovations based on consultation with conference organizers, event managers and leading industry professionals .

Opening in January 2017, etc.venues County Hall surpassed expectations giving us the confidence to start work immediately on a second floor, of 24,000 sq ft, which opened in September 2017.

Today the venue offers a range of event spaces, including a number of large suites for up to 400 and a range of smaller meeting rooms, exclusive use opportunities and private dining options. Since June 2017, etc.venues County Hall has hosted over 120,000 delegates and 980 events. The new opening received extensive press coverage but more importantly the client feedback has been exceptional, with 93% of clients stating they would recommend the venue and 65% of events re-booking. However, its popularity on an international stage has been most notable. Clients from around the world have seized the opportunity to run there events in a new London landmark.

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