EVOLVE By Wilkin Chapman featuring Gravity

Wilkin Chapman Solicitors


Wilkin Chapman expanded its Lincoln office with a £240,000 investment earlier in the year. To celebrate this, the marketing team identified an opportunity to create a unique event which would differentiate the firm as innovative, brave and dynamic, attract national recognition and be a talking point throughout the city.

Evolve took place in April on Brayford Pool, Lincoln, just outside the Lincoln office. The event featured a jet powered human flight demonstration and was one of the first ever duel human flight suit public displays by Gravity Industries. Displays and demonstrations from local emergency services took place on land and in the water as a warm up act to the flight. Free entertainment lined Brayford Pool. A compere kept the crowd engaged on the run up to the display even managing to pull off a 4,000 person Mexican wave! Key clients and industry experts from across Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire were invited to watch  followed by a drinks reception where Richard Browning Inventor and CEO of Gravity Industries provided an engaging and eye-opening keynote speech.

Evolve’s launch video reached over 23,000 people within a matter of days. Wilkin Chapman’s brand visibility massively increased with over a million hits across social media, with recognition on regional television news channels,  local press and radio, pre and post event. Approximately 4,000 people lined the Brayford to watch the display. Staff morale was boosted and a buzz created throughout the city. In June following the event, revenue as a direct result of marketing increased by 45% on an average month with double our normal level of website traffic. A record to date!

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