Excellence Elite Awards

Touch Associates / Merck


For the past five years, touch has worked with Merck in order to execute an exquisite, annual event with the objective of celebrating the accomplishments of their staff performances. In order to undergo this event (with a limited budget in mind), we used our incentive programme.

Furthermore, in terms of creating impactful communication, touch introduced our prefix BE (Bangkok Elite). This provided us with a framework that allowed us to display relevant messages in multiple different ways, creating our slogan ‘BE excited… BE amazed… BE proud… BE exceptional’. Throughout this section of the programme, we teased the location, as well as presenting a video of the site, excitement was initiated throughout the employees.

Touch knew that our location had to be a major enticement of the programme. In order to find a location that matched up to previous years, we searched across the internet for the unique and extraordinary, concluding that Bangkok would be the perfect setting.
In terms of the actual event itself, our aim was to maintain our excellence by hosting the occasion at the Peninsula Hotel. Not only did we deck out the hotel in flowers, we used the unique Thai traditions to keep the Eastern vibe whilst ensuring it remained aesthetically pleasing.

To ensure the elite winners had a good time as well as feel recognised, a variety of different activities were set up. The opportunity to try street food, play traditional games, paint elephant structures (later given to charity) and watch dance shows and Thai martial arts were introduced for a taste of Thai culture, both traditional and modern.

Following the trip of a lifetime, the elite participants left Bangkok feeling overjoyed and eager to share their experiences with their colleagues, friends and family.

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