Brand Brewery

Focus 2020 - Creatively Telling the Internal Story / DHL


DHL have a vision for 2020 - Focus 2020 - and keeping their global management team up to date with it is crucial to its continued success. A Conference of over 1,000 global leaders of the business helps them all keep updated and hear about the future goals and strategy shifts over the last year.

33 Talks over 2 days all from internal management - the content had to be engaging and different to keep everyone entertained and listening - PowerPoint with bullet points wouldn't work here.

Brand Brewery used a 44m long screen to show all content for each talk as a way to make all attendees more receptive and to transform every talk. Going beyond this, we custom designed every single presentation to best utilise the innovative screen - and all with only 2 weeks lead time! This involved animation, video and some brilliant design work.

Tiered seating helped all attendees feel close to the action and the combination of this with the screen led to incredible feedback and an engaged audience. 

Taking place in Dubai due to the international demographic of our attendees, this conference included welcome drinks and two gala dinners, complete with belly dancers, camel rides, oud players, henna and calligraphy, a digital graffiti wall and other elements of Arabic entertainment. The cherry on top came in the form of DHL branded twister plane flyovers, complete with pyrotechnics.

The conference got incredible feedback from attendees and made the most of the minimal time this senior management group had together with a full meeting schedule set up using our delegate management system. The plan for 2020 was incredibly well received and everyone returned to their countries of origin feeling motivated and excited!

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