fresh Approach (UK) Ltd

Following a competitive pitch involving four agencies, fresh was appointed to deliver Hyundai’s 2016 Dealer Conference.

The event provides a platform for networking, sharing key messages and discussing future plans, with the overall objective of getting their dealer network motivated and aligned for the year ahead.

The main challenge with delivering the conference was the fact that for the first time this event would not feature the launch of a new car, therefore we needed to produce an agenda that was just as memorable and impactful.

Held at the prestigious Park Plaza Westminster Hotel, fresh worked closely with Hyundai to develop a fully immersive 270° wrap-around screen that utilised a combination of 450 LED panels, accompanied by projection walls spanning a remarkable 70 metres to truly bring the content to life.

We created the dynamic event identity ‘I’m in’, which was used across multiple channels of content including speeches, video, signage, and presentations – creating a shared sense of ownership during the event.

We worked closely with the Hyundai team to develop the creative strategy and concept, before using the implemented technology to enhance our client’s content and ensure each individual member of the audience remained engaged throughout.

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