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Creating a real sense of community within a group of employees is a nightmarishly tricky challenge, requiring a perfect blend of content, communication, technology and people. It's something made more difficult by the UK business landscape, which sees event and communications budgets shrink in the face of Brexit uncertainty.

It was against this backdrop that we were given the task of providing the 'hidden' people of EY a sense of place, purpose and pride in the organisation - not to mention a good deal of business training. Not client facing, these 'Core Business Services' individuals are the lifeblood of EY, however with them being spread across the EMEIA region, gathering them in a single place was both too costly and impractical.

The solution we forged, a multi-stream, multi-channel virtual event, supported by a long-term community site and hosting platform, represented one of the most technologically demanding initiatives the firm had ever held. It called upon nearly every one of Live Group's service offerings and specialisations; content planning, scripting and production, custom developed hosting platforms, engagement consultancy, fully-managed live streaming and comprehensive post-event analysis. The delivered virtual event gave training on everything from mindfulness, through to managing difficult conversations.

The results speak for themselves, with the event representing the future of EY's engagement initiatives in this space. Feedback from clients and delegates has been near universally positive, and even though the live event has happened, delegates are still regularly accessing the hosting site to re-live the day.

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