George P. Johnson

Super Sphero Challenge / Cisco


Barcelona is a smart city. Famous for its architecture and now its network infrastructure. It hosted Cisco Live 2018 and GPJ chose the city plan as the inspiration for our Cisco Super Sphero Challenge. We created an interactive physical maze based on Barcelona’s city grid system and put event attendees in the shoes of the superheroes that are innovating in the city. Our Internet of Things maze, combined the traditional architecture with the modern network infrastructure, using sensors similar to those used to track environmental conditions in cities.

We teamed up with Sphero SPARK robots to create a technology-infused experience, where you code a robot called your ‘Super Sphero’ through the streets and use your powers to unlock the innovative Cisco tools that can empower the city.

The aim was to educate the audience on IoT in the city and inspire the audience to use these tools to build new platforms, create new revenue streams and improve the standard of living in cities. The success of the experience surpassed our expectations with 46% of people being referred to the Kinetic for Cities business unit in the Cisco Campus area in the exhibition to continue their education of the products.

We also wanted to create an experience that encouraged networking and collaboration, which we achieved with some people playing in teams of 9-10 people and more commonly 2-3 people working together as a team. Most people played for 30 minutes and some played for over one hour, a substantial amount of time to spend learning about and interacting with any brand.

The maze will be reused in a permanent position at Cisco’s Innovation Centre in Barcelona to engage potential clients and we are now looking into distributing a range of paper maps in schools with Sphero education packs.

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