2Heads Global Design

Global Agency of the Year 2020


2HEADS are an award-winning global collective of creatives, strategists, project managers and digital specialists focused on delivering world class experiential marketing solutions that merge the limits of live and online.

Founded in 1983 by Chairman Pepe Parra, we have over 37 years’ experience in helping brands win in good … and in challenging times. Over this time, we have expanded to four key markets in the UK, Los Angeles, Cannes and Hong Kong, spreading our reach globally.

Creating over 200 brand experiences in the physical and digital space each year across 25 countries worldwide, we prove you don’t have to be a huge agency to be a market leader, what you need is a cracking team.

Here at 2HEADS …

We celebrate the individual.
We believe in the inquisitive, the daring and the inventive.
We are always learning and always curious.
We believe in challenging the status quo and embracing differing perspectives.
We create through collaboration.
We believe in having fun and thinking like entrepreneurs.

That’s why we are trusted by over fifty global brands to deliver their international show programmes and why the majority of our client relationships are over a decade old. We believe in creating emotional connections. The bonds between client and brand that develop during the event; the lasting memory for a consumer as they discover the unexpected and we use immersive experiential storytelling to create those long term bonds.

We have had an in-house digital team now for over twenty years with our first virtual event launched in 2000. Now we use game engines, real time rendering and platform ideation to create meaningful experiences and are looking forward to being the agency for the hybrid era.

You could say Innovation is in our DNA. We are dedicated to designing tomorrow’s events industry.

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