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Brakes Group is the market leader in UK foodservice, and the second largest foodservice provider in both France and Sweden.

Back in 2013 the business was 2 years into a 5 year plan to turnaround the business – the big issue was communication – or rather the lack of it.  Brakes employ 7,500 people across 50 sites nationwide, but many of the staff had littleor no idea of the Company’s plans and ethos and received no communication of any sort from the management. 

Many colleagues were demotivated and using archaic technology, and investment in people and training was non existent. Brakes approached HGA to help them deliver an ambitious programme of events and communication to start to address some of the issues in the business. We spent time visiting depots and offices, talking to colleagues from all areas of the business and doing some in-depth research into the situation.

Our solution was a 3 year plan of events, (themed Ignite, Inspire and Innovate) – consisting of a 2 day Senior Management event to the Top 400, Nationwide Roadshows to the next levels of management, (2,500 people), and briefing packs and presentations for the depot managers to cascade the messages down to drivers and the warehouse team.

The business has been on an incredible journey over the last 5 years and this is the story of how HGA helped Brakes turnround an ailing business and transform it into the success it is today.

This is the story of the culmination of the 3-year journey - specifically the2016 series of events - Innovate.

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