HPE Storage Channel Cup 2019

Ulterior Events and Outbound / Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Ulterior Events & Outbound Field Marketing Services
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) sell their products via a network of channel partners – resellers and distributors. These partners purchase directly from the manufacturer and sell onto the end customer, working as key influencers in the supply chain.
Engaging this community and ensuring they promote HPE products over their competitors is the core focus of the Channel Marketing Team, who approached Outbound to help drive competition within this network of their customers.
Outbound are Channel Marketing experts and have worked with HPE for over 20 years, specialising in delivering integrated marketing campaigns and digital experiences to the IT channel. Few marketing agencies are as familiar with the intricacies of channel marketing as we are, which is why we were appointed to deliver an inter-partner incentive for HPE. The aim of this was to engage and incentivise the whole of the channel surrounding a new Storage product proposition, creating healthy competition and a real buzz over the three month promotional period.

Outbound and Ulterior Events have been working together since 2015, with Outbound creating marketing campaigns and Ulterior fulfilling exceptional event and travel experiences.
This joint partnership allows each agency to focus on their core areas of specialism. Outbound value the experience and contacts Ulterior Events have worldwide, and the unique ideas to make incentive events once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Outbound provide added value to this with creative and digital services, branding the experience, building incentive platforms to capture sales reports, and delivering communications pre, during, and post promotional period.
This working relationship solidifies us as the go-to partnership for our customers’ incentive experiences.

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