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Creating novel, tailored team activity solutions is Blue Hat’s DNA and is what makes Blue Hat so unique. This has resulted in an unrivalled portfolio of unique team building events over the last 20 years. This year, “lockdown” shifted the focus and emphasis to creating novel, virtual experiences to help workforces stay connected, motivated and engaged with their teams.

When the world came to a staggering halt back in March 2020, limitation and adversity became the stimulus for creativity and new opportunities that fuelled the creative ‘juices’. With creativity as a company pillar, the Blue Hat team refused to be compromised by such limitations as social distancing and remote working. The team created alternative activities to connect people with each other, to keep communication flowing and to maintain morale for the vast swathes of newly rendered workers suddenly in isolation.

By embracing the transition towards virtual meetings and conferences early, Blue Hat gathered the available tools and talent and ventured down a path previously unmapped. Just as they have done many times in the 20-year history of the brand, they created a number of industry firsts. Consequently, virtual team building has become the new ‘away day’ in the living room!

The response from clients about Blue Hat’s ever-growing portfolio of original, fun and engaging virtual team activities has been as positive as ever. In the last couple of months, over 200 teams have experienced Blue Hat’s virtual escape rooms alone, giving 100% 5-star feedback. Of the last 300 events delivered, over 99% would recommend Blue Hat to others, with an overall 98% feedback rating from independent review site

The following entry highlights just one of these 5-star rated events that was created and tailored to the specific client brand, values and key messaging during “lockdown”.

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