Jockey Club Venues Cheltenham

Jockey Club Venues Cheltenham was chosen by Sytner Group to host its Annual Managers’ Conference for the sixth year running. This year’s event brought 900 delegates from Sytner’s global management teams together with leaders of all major automotive manufacturers.

With an increase in delegate numbers for the 2016 conference, Cheltenham and Eventhouse were challenged with creating additional room. The Centaur, Cheltenham’s biggest and best asset for indoor events, was unable to accommodate the event or the required amount of rigging in its current form.

After negotiations, The Jockey Club paid for the rigging points which, extended the space by 10ft and created room for a further 75 delegates. Catering space was another challenge. Sytner felt the venue couldn’t cater to 900 en masse that was close enough to the main production area. To resolve this Cheltenham enlisted a building team to erect a 1,200sqm modern glass and aluminium structure across its famous finishing line. The team were given unlimited access to the site over the two week build which aesthetically mirrored a Sytner dealership.

Cheltenham also created an 8m high drape line in The Centaur surrounding the auditorium and a 30m truss line for the set to be attached to. A set was built using pre-made parts sized 1m x 1.5m to create a projection screen which, featured a futuristic digital car dashboard and an opening VT depicting a 3D journey.

The event also included a showcase of 18 supercars which were brought in and parked in front of the marquee and grandstand. Sytner’s Group Managing Director Darren Edwards said he has received hundreds of emails and texts post event from delegates saying it was by far the best event they’ve been to in the industry. Roger Penske even asked for a highlight video to take back to the USA.

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