Manchester Central

Manchester Central Convention Complex


In the Financial Year ending March 18, Manchester Central saw growth across all its core KPIs from the previous year, putting the venue in the strongest position it’s ever been. Both venue and hospitality and catering sales have significantly risen, most notably in the corporate sector.
Over the past twelve months, Manchester Central has continued to take a targeted approach to business development, investing in building strong relationships with both in-house corporate organisers and external agencies.

September 2017 marked ten years since the venue rebranded to become Manchester Central, and over 150 clients and partners from across the UK and overseas travelled to Manchester to celebrate with the team.

Whilst the venue continues to be a world class conference centre for international and national events, it has also focused on making itself more accessible to the local market, offering competitive short lead packages to the local business community. Whilst early days, this initiative looks to be producing positive results, allowing the venue to maximise usage of spaces and welcome even more visitors to the venue.

A leader in venue technology, Manchester Central has continued to invest in its infrastructure, enhancing wi-fi and implementing a location analytics platform to provide a better understanding of how visitors are moving through the venue. Because of its commitment to deliver these initiatives, Manchester Central won the 2017 award for ‘most innovative and tech-friendly venue’ at the Event Technology Awards.

Manchester Central is a venue with innovation at its heart, and this year it has looked at how it can utilise new technology to enhance the client experience. The venue is now in its final stages of developing a virtual reality walk-through of the venue and has installed a cross departmental working group to look at new opportunities over the next twelve months.

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