Meet & Potato Ltd

Following 7 years of phenomenal success, Holland & Barrett are approaching their plans for future growth more passionately than ever before. Meet & Potato needed to create a live experience that wholly embodied the ambition of this loved British brand. We were tasked with producing an immersive, engaging, and inspirational 2-day delegate journey that celebrated success and communicated important developments in they key areas that would drive future growth plans- brand, people, stores and product. Strength, stamina and bucket loads of enthusiasm would be required from the delegates to achieve the brand ambition. With that in mind, M&P produced a Conference Carnival at Butlins, Minehead for our Health & Wellbeing friends! 

The core objectives were to inspire, motivate, and instil pride in the company, to create a Brand Experience that epitomised the character, integrity, tenacity, ethics and humour of a company that is going from strength to strength. To have fun, to say thankyou and to make sure that every delegate was on board for the journey ahead and the part they’ll play. 

Excitement brewed from the beginning with an enthusiastic response to the Twitter campaign (@HB_Carnival). From arrival, delegates were immersed in a H&B playground, complete with funfair, BBQ and band. Trusted suppliers showcased the latest in product innovation. Multi-media sessions inspired and engaged delegates, our content and video team had worked very closely with all presenters to help shape powerful sessions that really packed a punch.

M&P delivered beyond expectation. To quote the client, ‘the best event in Holland & Barrett's history’. The twitter campaign continued with delegates enthusing about favourite new products, and their delight in plans for People development. A truly memorable event, that embedded key messages firmly in the minds of those who will bring the brand ambition to life in store.

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