Modern Business Experience 2018 / Oracle


Oracle Modern Business Experience 2018 (MBX) truly excelled in its comprehensive strategy and use of communications technology to encourage and extend audience engagement for a B2B event.

MBX achieved outstanding levels of engagement. 415, or one in six, attendees – typically chief-ranking, senior executives – became qualified sales leads. Oracle was also able to address a far wider audience through the event, adding midsize organisations to its enterprise base. And, despite being a relatively small event in physical terms, MBX drove huge engagement online, with the #OracleMBX hashtag trending by 10am.

Whatever your job role, Oracle has a solution that can help you work more effectively and enable your business to become more competitive. From the latest artificial intelligence to intuitive user experiences, from smart manufacturing to operational innovation, from number crunching to talent spotting, MBX made some truly cutting-edge technologies compelling and highly-accessible to all.

An accompanying digital event, MBX Online, made these advances even easier to engage with. A specially recruited team of social media influencers, with a combined reach of over 100 million followers, shared high-quality and relevant commentary and footage from the event as it happened. Much of that was produced by an on-site Content Factory, which also curated more than 60 videos that were relevant to the audience segments’ specialist lines of business.

The digital event both complemented the physical event and took on a life of its own, with user communities growing organically by sharing content. Indeed, #OracleMBX started trending in the US almost as soon as they woke up. Plus, as well as driving engagement and sales activity directly, MBX has left a legacy of content that can be used for future Oracle initiatives.

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