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Kia Masterclass 2017, 'Revolution'- The Launch of the All-New Kia Stonic / Kia Motors UK


A Kia Masterclass is a flagship event in Kia’s automotive training programme.

Each Masterclass plays a pivotal role in shaping the launch of the newest vehicles to the market through innovative training to sales and aftersales staff within dealerships.

The focus of this event was the launch of the All-New Kia Stonic, a vehicle that would introduce Kia into a brand new segment for the first time.
The All-New Kia Stonic is an eye-catching and confident compact crossover, designed as an important conquest model for Kia in Europe’s newest and fastest-growing B-SUV vehicle segment.

700 Customer facing sales and service Staff would be invited over FIVE separate event days in October 2017 to ONE central venue.

Having successfully delivered four previous Kia Masterclass Events, Motiv8 were again selected to run this event. The client wanted a different feel and theme to previous events in order to convey the new path that this exciting vehicle would forge for Kia and its dealer network.

At Motiv8 we are fully aware that these launch events play a vital part in influencing the success of new products. An innovative and different product launch training day in a unique location with new and exciting elements never seen before, would be the perfect platform to enthuse and motivate delegates to this new vehicle, which in turn can be passed on to customers.

This event had to be different to any previous automotive training event. It was time to do something never seen before.

It was time for a ‘Revolution’.

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