Motiv8 Training

Kia Motors “Masterclass” is their flagship training event programme in the UK and for the first time in 2015, it was organised, developed and delivered by Motiv8 in partnership with the Kia Academy.

For 2016, the brief was to embody the Kia mantra of “The Power to Surprise” whilst continuing to engender high levels of delegate enthusiasm through the highly creative and innovative approach employed during the 2015 Masterclass.

Masterclass 2016 - Evolution! saw over seven hundred delegates from all across the UK in February. The content was to be focused around the introduction of the fourth generation of Kia’s bestselling vehicle; the all new Sportage.

An instrumental vehicle for the Kia brand, the brief necessitated that the launch of the new Sportage was to create an environment in which delegates were able to absorb product knowledge to enable them to feel both competent and confident on returning to their respective dealerships as directly after the event week, each dealership hosted their own VIP launch day.
The event also covered the Kia Optima without it becoming lost in the excitement of the new Sportage. 

At the Evolution themed venue of West Midlands Safari Park, as well as at two separate venues, delegates were taken on a journey to discover the advances in the new generation of Sportage through ground-breaking training in terms of logistics, design, technological demonstration and drive experiences all embodying Kia’s philosophy of “Family Like Care”.

The Masterclass 2016 - Evolution! has been described by Kia as the best yet, a statement mirrored in the net promoter scores, not to mention the entry of the new Sportage into the top ten best-selling vehicles in the UK.

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