Nth Degree Experience

Avantgarde / Hyundai



A five star car requires a five star event, so when Hyundai wanted the public to experience their new hot hatch, the i30 N, they asked Avantgarde to do the honours.

We were mindful that this audience, collectively known as “petrol heads”, is familiar with all the race tracks around the country, so we needed a venue that money can’t buy and selected the world-renowned Millbrook Proving Ground. Access here is by invitation only, so places would be hotly sought after.
We created an event that would explore all the car has to offer, plus ensure that there was plenty of driving time in a number of different environments. 48 hours after the press release publicising the event was issued, the “Nth Degree Experience” was over-subscribed by 100% and was creating a buzz on various petrol head forums.

The event itself delivered on the hype and the results spoke for themselves. Both our immediate exit survey and post-event surveys showed a lasting positive view of the experience, the product and the brand. 82% of responders stated that the event had changed their perceptions of the brand, and we received outstanding feedback from guests;

  • “I had read reviews that said how good the i30 N was, but it exceeded expectations”
  • “I always thought of modern Hyundai of being a manufacturer of decent and reliable, but bland cars. Team the excitement of N with that reliability, and you have a real player in the market.”

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