ODI Summit 2019

The Business Narrative / The Open Data Institute


This entry tells the story of how a boutique London events agency helped the Open Data Institute level-up its flagship annual Summit, convening an international audience to learn, connect and be inspired.

With data in the headlines as a result of Covid-19, the mission of the ODI - founded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the internet to work with companies and governments to build an open, trustworthy data ecosystem - is increasingly relevant.

Having run the event for five years, the ODI was looking to truly bring the brand to life, showcase its unique Data As Culture art programme, open up the accessibility of the event, and free-up internal resources, enabling them to work on client delivery, while ensuring all team members were able to contribute to the “team spirit” of the event on the day.

The Business Narrative achieved or exceeded all client requirements. Our winning approach had three core elements; great visual creative work, expanding the accessibility of the event and ensuring the whole client team had a fabulous time.

We’ll also show how we overcame challenges – like installing a complex art exhibition in 90 minutes from four disparate geographical UK locations, and getting the speaker’s dog through the door.

In the event, the results were exceptional, prompting the CEO to say “The Business Narrative have been crucial to enabling us to deliver quality, inspirational events.”

As you’ll see, it looked amazing. The feedback was phenomenal and the clients were delighted. And crucially, the robust event data proved that not only did stakeholders across the board love it, but it more than delivered on its commercial objectives.

The Business Narrative team were excited to deliver the event’s purpose, and we were delighted to be commissioned to run the 2020 event (now virtual – and there’s another challenge).

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