Playtime 2019

Gramafilm / Google Play


Every year, Playtime invites top EMEA app and games developers to learn about Google innovations and how Google Play can help grow their businesses. This is a vital gathering for developers to build community, exchange ideas and feel supported by Google.

Playtime 2019 was our fourth year producing this conference, which uses neon and nature to reflect ideas of boldness and growth. This year’s theme was ‘multiplicity’ and involved topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and augmented reality – which our teams studied in-depth to promote effectively. We brought this content to life using patterns, refractions and mirrors, creating an immersive and interactive experience.

We required a location in Europe and as Brexit complications unfolded we began hunting for an impartial site, discovering SugarCity in Amsterdam. This industrial space perfectly met our brief: large spaces to create flow, networking zones, a keynote hall, breakout rooms, 1:1 meeting places, micro-kitchen areas and great WiFi.

Creative energy, technology and eco-friendly materials infused every detail. Participants entered a laser-lit corridor into the Playground. Here, they could socialise, enjoy delicious food, play games to win Google products and interact with bespoke installations, from an AR Dino Runner to a mirrored infinity tunnel. Each element involved Google products and encouraged hashtag use and photo opportunities for social media – bringing the private event to wider audiences.

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